What items can be sublimated? [10 incredible ideas]

Sublimation printing is a modern and amazing technique you can use to showcase your creativity on almost any item you can find. This magical art can be used to represent any thought you have in mind on any item; 10 amazing sublimation ideas will be explained in this article as we explore the world of sublimation.

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Sublimation printing: overview

Sublimation printing is a technique that entails using heat transfer and pressure to transfer dye onto different materials. This incredible method is loved and widely used because of the amazing creations you can create with it.

The technique involves the conversion of the dye into gas. This gas then permeates the fibers of your chosen material to create a bold and beautiful result.

Though the concept of dye sublimation may seem complex, it is very straightforward to understand. The efficient technique involves simply changing the form of your design, heat makes your design change into gas so that it can stick to your item, and the gas cools down and turns back into solid after a while resulting in an awesome outcome.

An ink produced specially for this process is employed in the technique. The fact that you can represent anything you can think of on items is the best part of the technique. I personally love printing images of pets like dogs and cats.

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After printing your thoughts with a sublimation printer you will transfer the design to anything you can find with a coating. The transfer occurs due to high temperature and will have to be left for a short while to cool. After a short period, your creation becomes permanent, which means it won’t peel or go away after a while.

Another exciting part is that sublimation lasts forever, and anything sublimated is on the surface as long as that surface is whole.

Though this can be a fun and wonderful thing, it can also be a con, as you won’t be able to get rid of sublimation later. So you should make up your mind and be sure you are okay with what you are sublimating.

When done the right way you can use sublimation on almost any item and impress your loved ones with different designs of things they love. Something I love about sublimation is that I can use the technique to showcase my personality and style on my belongings.

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Items you sublimate onto

One of my favorite parts about this magical art is the wide range of options available, there are so many choices you have. I fell in love with this technique due to its amazing versatility. When done the right way, you can produce meaningful and colorful designs to add a touch of style and creativity to your belongings.

The popular technique works on any item you can find with a polyester coating, this includes polyester fabric and polyester T-shirts.

The amount of items you can use is mind-blowing: mugs, puzzles, cards, the list is just endless.

Below are cool things I have sublimated on and gotten impressive outcomes. You should try some of these ideas out to get incredible results.


The technique is an awesome way to design cool and good-looking masks. You get to experiment and play around with different designs and crazy ideas. Sublimated masks can be used for countless purposes like branding and gifting.

A personally customized mask is a perfect present to gift a kid. You can also use this medium to promote your brand and express your creativity.

A customized fashion mask is sure to capture attention and leave a lasting impression anywhere, the trick is to have a unique and eye-catching design.

I sometimes write a short meaningful text on the mask or use beautiful repeating patterns to achieve an awesome result.

Mugs and cups

I love sublimating on different types of cups, stainless steel mugs, and teapots alike. This gives me the chance to showcase your style on your cup and drink in style.

There are tons of cool things you can put on your cups. You can write simple phrases like “Just drink it” or motivational sentences to keep you active every time you take a drink.

I love working on coffee mugs because I love personalizing my stuff, and what better way to personalize than adding a unique description? You can also sublimate your kid’s cups to surprise them and make their cups more beautiful. If this is the case there are tons of designs you can do, you can put their favorite superhero or their musical icon.

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Using the special sublimation ink on canvas was an amazing way to display my creativity and show off my mastery of the technique, Canvas is known for its versatility and amazing durability so I found it perfect for this purpose. You can use canvas to create stunning artwork and delightful home decorations.

They also help you transform cherished memories into vibrant and long-lasting photo prints that can be displayed or gifted.

If done the right way, you can create thrilling pieces that can fit anywhere and go with almost any interior aesthetic.

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A wallet is a very personal item and should be personalized even more with customization, and by customization I mean using sublimation ink to display your favorite things about the world on your wallet.

Make nice designs of simple items like roses or the Batman logo. It all depends on your personal preferences, if you’re a fan of football, a simple “CR7” text will do a lot in giving your wallet a whole new look.

I find designs like this cool because they make memorable gifts for kids or other loved ones. You can also use dye sublimation on purses to add a touch of individuality and style. They are also easy to make sublimation prints on, and they serve perfectly as sublimation blanks.

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A blanket is a cherished and personal item for its warmth and comfort, and customizing it to your taste is an amazing way to make it even more personal.

Designs like simple flower patterns are enough to bring out the beauty of your trusty blanket. You could go for more complex and colorful designs if you wish.

You can choose any design you want for your blanket; the blanket is yours and anything you say goes. A sublimated blanket is a perfect gift for a close friend or relative. They’ll cherish it even more knowing that it’s personally designed and made with love.


Using dye sublimation on your notebooks unlocks the door of limitless imagination and endless possibilities. You could have a sketch of your favorite movie star on your jotter or display multiple versions of your favorite designer logo.

You could even write details about yourself in your notebook. I recommend details like your name, age, and hobbies, they make it look nicer and more personal.

If you can’t think of anything or you can’t decide on what to design, just draw random stuff on its cover, since it’s yours you can design anything that comes to your mind.

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What items can be sublimated easily? A T-shirt is the perfect item to begin your sublimation journey. With the right shirt, you can easily create an amazing masterpiece.

Sublimation ink can be used on T-shirts for personal wear, group events, or even promotional purposes. I love sublimating T-shirts to express my interests and show off my personal style. You should go for high polyester fabrics for an easy process and a good result.

I will also recommend going for bright-colored clothes to make your designs more visible and beautiful.

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Aprons are also cool items you can use dye sublimation on. You get to display your artistic genius by wearing it proudly. Since you’ll be using your apron yourself, the design should align with who you are or what you are.

You could design your favorite food on the apron to show your love for the food and your enthusiasm for cooking in general.

You could also customize aprons with logos or patterns, a logo of your favorite seasoning brand is a good idea. A simple cooking-inspired text will also work brilliantly to make your kitchen wear look better and feel more unique.

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Cool ideas and designs enhance your gaming experience and make the puzzle even more exciting to solve. Puzzles serve as both entertainment and decoration, so you can never go wrong customizing these cool items.

You can create custom puzzles featuring educational images or cool illustrations, creating your own custom sublimation transfers on puzzles is also perfect if you’re considering giving a puzzle as a gift. I find puzzles very easy to customize and sublimation works look very good on them.

Tote bags

Tote bags have become common accessories lately. They are simple, stylish, and loved by many. They are very versatile as they can carry books, groceries, and other everyday items. They are smooth and casual making them perfect as sublimation projects.

Unleash your creativity during the sublimation process and carefully select what best suits you to transform your simple bag into an eye-catching accessory.

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Advantages of using the technique

  • Versatility: the technique can be used on an endless range of surfaces, meaning if you like it you can sublimate it. This amazing versatility makes it a great way to create beautiful designs and produce awesome results with sublimation materials.
  • Long-lasting: the unbelievable longevity of this technique is one of the best advantages. The images you sublimate last for ages even after the item is over and over again. Many dyeing techniques are long-lasting, but they fade away eventually. Using sublimation ink is on another level in longevity as anything I work on is permanent.
  • Limitless: this is another major feature of using the awesome method. You have a countless range of colors, designs, and styles to choose from. If you have a clear visual of what you want you can transfer it to any item you desire.
  • Fast Process: Using a sublimation printer is a very fast process meaning it’s appropriate for on-demand and short-run projects. The printing process itself is fast, and you can easily get cool designs and incredible results in a jiffy.
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Is sublimation ink transparent?

Yes, sublimation ink is transparent, which means it is important to carefully consider your color choices. I recommend plain white objects for the best outcomes. You can also use colored items but ensure your design is darker to guarantee an amazing result.

The technique is a brilliant one that can be used to create thrilling results when used properly and when the right color and design choices are made.

Items for getting started

The world of sublimation is a magical wonder that unfolds many fantastic ideas and discoveries. Below are the essentials to need for your sublimation startup.

  • Sublimation printers: there are countless dye sublimation printers to choose from. The Epson workforce printer is an amazing inkjet printer and it is my personal favorite. This printer is very efficient and comes with a Sawgrass sublimation ink. You could also try out some other converted printer depending on your choice.
  • Sublimation paper: getting good and high-quality sublimation paper is important for making beautiful and presentable sublimation prints.
  • Sublimation protection: you will use protective sheets to shield surrounding surfaces to avoid staining during the sublimation process.
  • Sublimation ink: regular ink cannot be used for sublimation so you will have to get your own sublimation ink. Buy sublimation ink in autofill bottles that are of high quality. Some people prefer infusible ink due to their brilliant appearance.
  • Design software: you can use a laptop or phone to unleash your creativity and produce your unique designs and creations.
  • Sublimation heat press: you’ll also need a good heat press for a successful sublimation project. Note that you can’t use a regular iron as a substitute, and only an actual heat press or mug press is suitable.
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What cannot be sublimated?

Angora, wool, and silk are examples of natural materials that are inappropriate for sublimation dye and should not be sublimated.

What materials can you sublimate?

Mugs, aprons, blankets, and materials with a high polyester count are perfect for sublimation projects.

What blanks can you sublimate on?

Plain cups, mugs, blankets, and notebooks work well as sublimation blanks and can be used to create beautiful designs.

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The bottom line

Using this brilliant technique you can make amazing designs on sublimation tumblers, aprons, mugs, puzzles, notebooks, and other cool items. With a good sublimation printer, you can bring your imagination to life, and you get to explore different designs and different ideas to make your belongings extra beautiful.

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