Can you sublimate on stainless steel? [Top 3 best advices]

Can you sublimate on stainless steel? Sublimation printing is becoming increasingly popular by the day, with new printing ideas and to try out this magical art, stainless steel is a versatile material that serves different purposes but can it serve as a canvas? And will sublimation look good on it? Find out as I explore the world of sublimation and stainless steel.

Sublimation is an amazing technique that is getting more and more popular, the awesome designs that can be attained by using this technique have given it the recognition it deserves.

Stainless steel has been relevant in the design world due to its exceptional durability and amazing versatility and whether a stainless steel surface can be sublimated has been a popular question asked by sublimation enthusiasts.

can you sublimate on stainless steel
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Can you sublimate on steel?

The answer is yes, you can sublimate on stainless steel, the amazing properties of the material have made it a very suitable surface for sublimation. When done the right way you can use sublimation to display countless incredible patterns on a stainless steel tumbler to create an amazing and attractive result.

Benefits of sublimating on stainless steel

Stainless steel works perfectly well for sublimation, I find them very suitable for this purpose and they offer several advantages, the disadvantages are explained below.

Stainless steel is commonly used in a wide range of applications because of its exceptional durability, this strength makes it suitable for countless purposes including sublimation.

The amazing durability of this steel makes it long-lasting regardless of what it is used for, when working on any art piece an important factor I consider is how long my work is going to last, stainless steel is extremely strong and it has remarkable longevity.

Sublimation printing is permanent, which means that as long as the sublimated item is in one piece, your design is also intact, what better way to guarantee a long-lasting artwork than selecting a very durable material? Stainless steel helps you achieve this, the strength and longevity of steel is just what you need to create the perfect sublimation design.

Other materials may fade or degrade after a long time, sublimation printing on a stainless steel surface remains solid and beautiful even after a long period.

You could add a clear protective coating on the print after the sublimation process but this is not compulsory as I find stainless steel strong and durable on its own.

The incredible outcomes of stainless steel sublimation works are one of the major advantages of using the surface. A print made on steel brings out the beauty of your work and gives you the chance to show off your creativity. The smooth surface of stainless steel tumblers makes sublimation ink bond perfectly well with it.

From simple patterns to bold logos, any sublimation ink design I do with stainless steel gives it a touch of class and elegance.

Sublimation printing can be used to personalize your items and make them unique, with the right design you can display your creativity on a stainless steel tumbler and proudly carry your masterpiece anywhere.

The exceptional beauty of stainless steel tumblers makes any design look fantastic, this high-quality steel helps you create visually appealing, high-quality sublimation.

Versatility. Stainless steel alloys offer exceptional quality and remarkable versatility, this is why it is used in countless applications in several industries. The coating on the surface makes it appropriate for any desired design, whether it’s a text-based diagram or a repetitive flower pattern, anything looks good on a stainless steel surface.

You can create custom designs to show your personality or interests on your stainless steel substrate for instance you can design the name of your favorite wrestler if you are a wrestling fan, or the jersey number of your soccer icon if you are into football.

Steel can be designed to go with any decor and fit any setting, this is why stainless steel tumblers and water bottles are perfect for sublimation.

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How to Sublimate Stainless Steel?

Sublimation printing is a straightforward approach that can be used to create amazing results when done correctly, because sublimation ink bonds perfectly well with steel, the result is usually incredible and smooth.

The first step in creating a stunning sublimation result is choosing and designing what you want on your surface, one of my favorite parts about this wonderful technique is the fact that you can design anything you want, as long as you have a visual of want.

And sublimation printing can bring it to life.

After selecting what you want on your surface design it using your preferred design software. You should ensure the size all the design is correct to guarantee an appropriate fit on the blank, a proper fit is one of the main factors that will determine how good the result will be. After drawing the desired design, you will need to wrap your steel with butcher paper before using the heat press.

After wrapping with butcher paper for the heat press, prepare your heat press and set it to the recommended temperature for stainless steel – 400°F, you should make sure the temperature is correct to avoid compromising the sublimation paper due to inappropriate heat.

After this, you’ll need to get the sublimation paper ready, the sublimation paper is a special material that has a coating of an ink-absorbing material, this sublimation coating allows the transfer of dye onto the canvas.

The coating on the paper allows easy transfer of the design, you should make sure the sublimation paper is trimmed to fit the desired dimensions.

After the sublimation ink is ready go ahead and position the paper, then apply medium pressure, the combination of heat and pressure causes the sublimation ink to vaporize and penetrate the steel, resulting in a permanent and vibrant print. After the sublimation process allow the steel to cool.

Note: You should not use a regular iron as a substitute for a heat press as it cannot reach the required temperature for sublimation.

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Best Printers to use

The printer you choose for the sublimation process plays a vital role in determining how bold and pleasing your result will be. I found that the Epson Surecolour is one of the best printers you can use to guarantee an easy and fun sublimation process, this printer helps you ensure you have a good print quality. The printer provides bold and beautiful prints on sublimation paper.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso is another exceptional printer I recommend as it produces amazing results, this printer often has the sharpest results, the best resolutions, and the best print qualities.

Printer Settings for Sublimation

Regardless of the material you are using, selecting the correct printer settings influences the outcome of your work.

 Select the highest print quality to guarantee a bold and vivid print, you should also set the paper type to the appropriate option which is sublimation paper.

The heat press should also be set to an appropriate level, the correct level on the heat press to guarantee you have a cool print and lovely outcome.

If you’re working on a stainless steel tumbler and you’re using a Cricut mug press or Convection oven.

Tips for getting the best result

  • Choose quality: going for quality products might seem obvious but it should be emphasized. Low-quality or medium-quality products are more available and affordable and they seem like a more budget-friendly choice, I recommend avoiding products like this as they won’t last. Products like this have different issues now and then, so it’s wiser to go for expensive high-quality products.
  • Practice: the importance of practice cannot be emphasized enough, the more you practice the better you get, practicing gives you more experience, and it also gives you the chance to discover possible mistakes you can make during the process and to learn to avoid them in future projects.

    Practicing over and over again gives you the confidence you need to approach any sublimation project and complete it perfectly, sublimation gets easier with every time you approach it.
  • Use appropriate ink: the sublimation ink used for your projects plays a major role in how your work will turn out, using the right sublimation ink for the sublimation printing process ensures that the outcome is vivid, sharp, and beautiful.

Common Issues in Sublimating on Stainless Steel

Whether you’re using a Heat gun, Cricut mug press, heat press, or convection oven, there are some common problems you could encounter, these issues are explained below.

Patchy transfers

This is a common issue I have found that occurs when sublimating on stainless steel surfaces, some areas of the material appear faded or patchy, this is mostly caused by poor surface preparation, you should thoroughly clean your surface before the sublimation process, also ensure that you apply even pressure when handling the heat press, uneven pressure can sometimes cause inconsistent transfers.

Verify that your heat press distributes heat evenly to prevent a compromised result due to the wrong temperature. (Remember to use heat-resistant gloves when handling the heat press).

I recommend using butcher paper to ensure a perfect outcome, applying appropriate heat, and wrapping the butcher paper properly for a smooth print.

Inaccuracy in color

Color inaccuracy is another common issue you might encounter when dealing with sublimation, I have encountered cases where the final colors don’t fully match the original design.

You should ensure you are using a very good sublimation ink as low-quality sublimation ink can lead to color inaccuracy.

Use quality sublimation paper and ensure that you have the correct settings selected on your printer to ensure the outcome meets your taste.

Blurry appearance

Sometimes the outcome appears weird or blurry, inferior paper may not hold the ink properly and may cause smudging or blurring, so premium sublimation paper only to avoid situations like this.

Secure the paper firmly onto the stainless steel substrate with heat tape, the heat tape helps prevent any movement or shifting when using a Cricut mug press or heat press.

Cool sublimation ideas for stainless steel

Now that you know everything you should about sublimation printing and stainless steel, let’s look at some exciting sublimation ideas to try out.

  • Unique words. You could write a unique word on your stainless steel tumbler to customize it and give it a personal touch, this word could mean anything, it does not have to portray an obvious meaning, it could be the name of your icon, it could be your nickname, it could even be your favorite word in another language, you can use any word as long as it has meaning to you.
  • Animal patterns. You can design patterns of your favorite animal on your stainless steel tumbler, it could be black and white cow patterns or zebra stripes, as long as you have a tumbler press or convection oven nothing is impossible.
  • Funny text. Sublimation is a very cool process that promises fun and excitement along the way, by applying adequate heat and maintaining the right temperature you can add a touch of humor to your steel, writing cool stuff or funny phrases is an awesome idea to give your stainless steel tumbler an upgrade, you can write simple phrases like “Stay away from my cup”.
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Can you sublimate on metal?

Yes, you can sublimate on any metal that has a polyester coating and create fantastic results.

Can I sublimate on stainless steel flask?

Yes, a stainless steel flask is the perfect canvas to create bold, sharp, and stunning results using sublimation because of its coating.

How long does it take to sublimate stainless steel?

It takes 60 seconds to 90 seconds to sublimate stainless steel and create incredible results.

What materials can you not sublimate on?

There are countless materials you can use to create fantastic results using sublimation, these materials include ceramic, polyester, and any other material with a sublimation coating.

The bottom line

Sublimation is an incredible technique that can produce fascinating results when done properly, and stainless steel is the perfect material to create an attractive and highly durable masterpiece. By following necessary precautions and using this article as a guide you can create fantastic designs on stainless steel.

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